Not-So Supportive Friends

Are your friends and family supportive of your decision to be a Vegetarian? It definitely makes it easier when the people around you don’t feel the need to question your choice on a regular basis.

I am quite lucky to have a supportive family who even helps cater to my dietary needs. I also have a lot of supportive friends who understand why I made this decision. 

Then…there’s a bunch of ball busters who shall remain nameless who just love to make it their mission to bother me. This bunch finds it humorous to torture me in any way they can think of, whether it’s verbally or a prank. I think this past summer takes the cake. We were at a bbq and one friend in particular thought it would be funny to rub a real burger all over my veggie burger and tell me AFTER I began to eat it. To them it was complete entertainment, to me it was infuriating.

Unfortunate how some choose to be so ignorant.

Good thing is, being treated like this has made me more understanding to those around me who have also made decisions on changing their lifestyle whether it be going Paleo or the decision to stop drinking.


One thought on “Not-So Supportive Friends

  1. Are vegetarians enabling speciesism?
    This must end now! Every species, mobile or immobile, deserves an equal opportunity to be eaten!
    No more bias, No more vegetarians!
    Join OAH (Omnivores Against Herbivores) and fight for what is right!

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