I’m a Vegetarian, now what?

I have been a Vegetarian for almost a year and although I don’t desire meat by any means, I do find myself saying  “now what?”, or feeling stuck every now and again. I think this is due to my lack of experimentation with all the delicious foods that I have available to me. I think the most important part of any lifestyle change whether it be dietary or physical activity, educating yourself is key. Educating myself is the main purpose of this blog, a way to hold myself accountable and never stop learning about being a vegetarian (sounds corny, I know).

I have a few favourite go-to websites that I check regularly to keep up to date.

One of my faves Try Veg , gives readers all the information they need whether they are a new comer to vegetarianism or a veteran. It has divided its information according to the reasons a person might be a vegetarian: saving ourselves, saving animals or saving the Earth. Not only is the website informative, it also provides lots of recipes and transition tips.

Happy Cow, is another favourite of mine. The main focus of this website is to help its readers find vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world. It gives you the address, phone number, background info on the restaurant, as well as reviews by readers. This is a genius idea, a one stop shop directory for a Vegetarian restaurant anywhere in the world- what more could anyone ask for?!

Herbivoracious is one of my favourite blogs to visit. The blog is written by Michael Natkin who has been a software engineer for the past 25 years by day, and a vegetarian foodie by night. His blog revolves around posting recipe- and quite delicious one may I add! He is writing a book for Harvard Common Press due out in Spring 2012, I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!

Hope you find these sites as useful as I do!

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