I am a 23-year-old Persian (they love to eat animals, even cow brain, tongue and eyeballs) living in Toronto, who for 22 years ate meat. About a year ago I read Skinny Bitch, my intent was to pick up a few good eating habits here and there and then continue on with my life. Then came Chapter 4 , “The Dead, Rotting, Decomposing Flesh Diet”, and that was it. I finished the chapter, walked downstairs, and announced to my family that I was now a vegetarian. I had previously done zero research on being a vegetarian and now all of a sudden I was one instantaneously. Awkward.

What next? The following 10 months were interesting, I developed a not-so-healthy strategy. I call it the run-away-as far-and-fast-as- you-can-from-meat +not substituting in new foods strategy– –FAIL.  I think it is safe to say that FAIL is an understatement. I had a choice to make, either be a healthy vegetarian, or go back to being a carnivore.

I knew two things,

  1. I did not miss meat, and had no desire to eat it what so ever. In fact, I loved not eating it.
  2. Since I did not want to go back and relive my carnivorous days, I was going to have to learn how to be a vegetarian and not just run away from meat.

That brings us to today, my new “thing” is being a healthy vegetarian. I want to share with you my journey to being a healthy vegetarian.Last thing, so why “Yes, I’m a Vegetarian”? In the last ten months I have never had so many people question the words coming out of my mouth.

Ex.  “Ya, I’m a vegetarian…”
shocked/outraged person reacts,  ” YOU’RE A VEGETARIAN!?”
…”Yes, I’m a vegetarian” (did you think my answer was going to change if you asked me again?)

And that’s my story. The End.


One thought on “

  1. Diana Vitti says:

    No, seriously … you’re a vegetarian????
    Can’t wait to see what kind of amazing vegie options full of proteins and goodness you find. ❤ ya!

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